Friday 30 April 2010


Back in 1985, the compilation album A Real Cool Time: Distorted Sounds From The North defined the sound of Sweden’s garage rock revival. Bands like The Nomads – whose song A Real Cool Time leant its name to the album – The Creeps, The Shoutless and Watermelon Men showed that Sweden was Europe’s garage-psych hot bed. This was recognised in 2005 when Rhino’s Children of Nuggets box set featured many of the Swedish bands.

Now, for the original album’s 25th anniversary, RPM International is pretty damn pleased to be issuing A Real Cool Time Revisited outside Sweden. It’s the definitive overview of the country’s garage rock phenomenon. Release date is 24 May.

Compiled by Swedish music maven Ulf Lindqvist, with liner notes by Sonic magazine’s L-P Anderson and an intro by me, A Real Cool Time Revisited is the perfect companion piece to Do The Pop, the history of Australian 80's garage punk and (of course) Children of Nuggets. This era-defining set is rounded off with pics of all the original covers of the tracks included.

Here’s the tracklist:
Disc 1
1 Nomads - I'm 5 Years Ahead Of My Time
2 Shoutless - Insane
3 Wayward Souls - Unknown Journey
4 Backdoor Men - Out Of My Mind
5 Crimson Shadows - Even I Tell Lies
6 Dolkows - Silent Woods
7 Sonic Walthers - No Lies
8 Hijackers - When I Get Home
9 Sinners - When She Lies
10 Voodoo Dolls - That's The Breaks
11 Legendary Lovers - King Of The World
12 Watermelon Men - Your Eyes
13 Wylde Mammoths - Help That Girl
14 Friends Inside - Where Are You Sleeping Tonight?
15 Stomachmouths - Don't Put Me Down
16 Psychotic Youth - Love Machine
17 Wilmer X - Motorbike Drivin'
18 Union Carbide Production - Cartoon Animal
19 BottleUps - Ramblin' Wreckless Hobo
20 Bangsters - Strangers

Disc 2
1 Screaming Dizbüsters - This Ain't The Summer Of Love
2 Problem - Uppskärarjack
3 Slammers - Don't Push Me Around
4 Creeps - She's Gone
5 Maryland Cookies - Don't Lie To Me
6 Dr. Yogami - Plastic Surgeon
7 Highway Slugs - Just Another Loner
8 Public Vein - Carry On
9 BottleUps - Too Much Talk
10 Playmates - Days After Tomorrow
11 Pyromaniacs - Lost Revenge
12 Slobster - Sudden Death
13 Preachers - Thirtynine Steps
14 Pushtwangers - She Blind (But I Don't Mind)
15 Cornflake Zoo - Hey Conductor
16 Highspeed V - Sally
17 Livingstones - Fastest Car Around!
18 Rumblers - Bopalina Bopalina Ow Mow Mow Mow
19 Sator - Pigvalley Beach
20 Leather Nun - Prime Mover

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