Tuesday, 31 August 2010


This was a surprise. I thought I was just choosing a Love Records’ Top 5 to go alongside a review of the compilation (i.e this: Love, From Finland - The Love Records Anthology 1968-1976).

But this, from the August 2010 issue of Soundi, is more than that – and also a wonderful chance to spout off about some of the great music that’s currently coming out of Finland.

So, thank you Esa Kuloniemi.

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  1. Hi Kieron
    I read that article too and was suprised that you guys actually listen Finnish music :) Too bad i never had the chance to see The Sperm, all i know that it had (still has?) permanent ban to our city. I couldn't pass the chance to advertise our own "different" Finnish music. Some say we are the Oasis of Finland, some say we sound like Jamiroquai. Go figure. You might wanna check it out at www.myspace/koaliaband