Monday 25 October 2010


Went to this.

Kiki Pau are what you dream of: wandering in off the street in some strange place to a band you know nothing about and then having the top of your head taken off. Like the effect of seeing Joensuu 1685 and Murmansk in Denmark a couple of years ago, La Grande Sophie in Canada and Eplemoya Songlag in Norway this year. Kiki Pau began with a concise wigout over which bits of a book were read out: Jeremy Narby’s The Cosmic Serpent. Intense from the off, they conjured an nth degree take on the fadeout from I Am The Resurrection, parts of Electric Music For The Mind And Body, bits of early ballroom-era Quicksilver Messenger Service. Spacemen 3 as well. But no flab and with melody too: a sort of updated Swedish progg, perhaps cousins of Dungen.

Slightly different - Iiris is pretty bloody great. Not-yet fully formed, but it’s obvious she’s a star.

Review here: theartsdesk in Tampere, Finland: At the Lost In Music Festival

Here’s a few more pics, all by Jukka Ässä – from the top: Iiris, LCMDF, K-X-P.