Saturday 19 March 2011


Minimal Compact’s “Statik Dancin’” was dance-inflected post punk that revelled in the band’s Israeli origins. Back in 1981 there was no such thing as world music, but Minimal Compact infused their music with the feel of their home country, even though they were based in Belgium and signed to Brussels’ Crammed Discs. Still a dance floor filler, “Statik Dancin'” is timeless, yet still a classic of the era.

Raging and Dancing is the first career spanning Minimal Compact anthology. Band-approved with liner notes that include an interview with founder member Samy Birnbach, it takes them from 1981 to 1987, when the band called it a day after issuing their meaning-laden overhaul of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”.

Along the way, they worked with members of Wire, Tuxedomoon, John Fryer (producer of The Cocteau Twins and M/A/R/R/S). Their covers were designed by luminaries like Neville Brody and Eno/David Sylvian designer Russell Mills. Their “When I Go” featured on the soundtrack to Wim Wenders' Wings Of Desire. Minimal Compact were integral to the era.

Minimal Compact were post-punk at its most exotic and danceable. Raging and Dancing is the definitive collection. Release date is the last week of April.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Statik Dancin’ (12’ EP, CRAM015, 1981)

2. To Get Inside (12’ EP, CRAM015, 1981)

3. Babylonian Tower (One By One, CRAM021, 1982)

4. Cold Life (One By One, CRAM021, 1982)

5. Morpheus Secrets (One By One, CRAM021, 1982)

6. Next One Is Real (Deadly Weapons, CRAM030, 1984)

7. The Well (Deadly Weapons, CRAM030, 1984)

8. Not Knowing (Deadly Weapons, CRAM030, 1984)

9.My Will (single, CRAM11457/Raging Souls, CRAM042, 1985)

10. When I Go (Raging Souls, CRAM042, 1985)

11. Sananat (single, CRAM11457/Raging Souls, CRAM042, 1985)

12. Ararat (Lowlands Flight, MTM10, 1987)

13. Low Flight (Lowlands Flight, MTM10, 1987)

14. Late Night (Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven soundtrack, CRAM 048, album released 1990, film released 1986)

15. Everything Is Wonder (Immigrants Songs 12”, CRAM050/The Figure One Cuts, CRAM055, 1987)

16. New Clear Twist (Immigrants Songs 12”, CRAM050/The Figure One Cuts, CRAM055, 1987)

17. Immigrant Song (Immigrants Songs 12”, CRAM050/The Figure One Cuts, CRAM055, 1987)

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