Wednesday, 10 March 2010

REVIEW - by:Larm FESTIVAL 2010

(Above, Eplom√łya Songlag, by Helge Brekke)

Went along to by:Larm festival in sub-zero Oslo:

A great well-organised festival with some highlights that surprised. Navigating through Nordic music, it's become clear that what’s flung at the UK is a minor component of a much, much bigger - and more complex - picture.

It's a really fascinating picture too, deserving a proper overview - something more than those 'hey, here's the new Scandinavian bands' pieces.

Space in the review meant some non-Norwegians weren’t mentioned. Denmark’s Chimes And Bells' post-Mazzy Starisms were enthralling and lifted off into distorted freakouts that were utterly compelling. Oh No Ono (Danes too) put on the best show I’ve ever seen them do, centred around recent album Eggs. They’ve grown into the songs, were comfortable and confident. From Finland, both Manna and Murmansk were full-on great.

And here’s some snow…

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