Friday, 5 March 2010


I’ve compiled a 2CD Slowdive set for release on 26 April by Cherry Red.

The British music press were increasingly down on them and they had problems with both their UK (Creation) and US labels (SBK). Fashion moving on (grunge, the birth of Britpop) contributed to the press attitude.

Yet they kept at it, refined what they were doing and recorded some amazing – genre-defining – records. A great band.

Here’s the tracklist:
Slowdive (Slowdive EP) Nov-90
Avalyn I (Slowdive EP) Nov-90
Morningrise (Morningrise EP) Feb-90
She Calls (Morningrise EP) Feb-90
Catch The Breeze (Holding Our Breath EP) Jun-91
Golden Hair (Holding Our Breath EP) Jun-91
Shine (Holding Our Breath EP) Jun-91
Spanish Air (Just For A Day) Sep-91
Erik's Song (Just For A Day) Sep-91
Waves (Just For A Day) Sep-91
Primal (Just For A Day) Sep-91
Alison (Outside Your Room EP) May-93
So Tired (Outside Your Room EP) May-93
Moussaka Chaos (Outside Your Room EP) May-93

Souvlaki Space Station (Souvlaki) May-93
Machine Gun (Souvlaki) May-93
Sing (Souvlaki) May-93
Here She Comes (Souvlaki) May-93
Altogether (Souvlaki) May-93
Dagger (Souvlaki) May-93
Some Velvet Morning (Souvlakibonus disc) May-93
In Mind (5 EP) Nov-93
Good Day Sunshine (5 EP) Nov-93
Country Rain (5 EP) Nov-93
Rutti (Pygmalion) Feb-95
Miranda (Pygmalion) Feb-95
Trellisaze (Pygmalion) Feb-95
Cello (Pygmalion) Feb-95
Visions of La (Pygmalion) Feb-95
Blue Skied an' Clear (Pygmalion) Feb-95
All of Us (Pygmalion) Feb-95


  1. A few of the Souvlaki/Pygmalion-era demos would've been nice to see on this release...Hide Your Eyes and Silver Screen to name a few...

  2. What is the purpose of this thing is beyond me. There was similar 2xCD comp. Catch the Breeze (which is available everywhere for cheap), there were fine remasters from Castle (especially JFAD sounded nicely). This is utterly useless like 99%ˇof recent Cherry Red releases. It is sad to see what happened with that label over past few years. Nothing but stupid cheap reissues. BMJ may be the only exception.

  3. Couldn't disagree with you more, Miloš, regarding recent (or indeed past) Cherry Red releases. I think their reissue program of various old(ie) gems across different sub-labels is absolutely priceless. Especially, because the lot of that material haven't been previously issued on CD at all. (I personally can't wait for long-overdue Colourfields albums or Get Loose CD from Evelyn 'Champagne' King.)

  4. I agree w/ Miloš. How about some rare demos and soundtrack material. It's too easy to get this stuff nowadays. This would've been a good release in 1994.

  5. Milos and Shoegazer hit it dead on, release the UNRELEASED material, not the stuff that's already on comps. Seriously, Joy, Sleep, and I Believe are some of the best Slowdive songs ever, possibly the best in the genre (yes, even better than MBV)