Friday 25 June 2010


Above: Efterklang’s Casper Clausen in his Slaraffenklang guise (photo by Thorsten Overgaard)

Here’s the gen on SPOT 2010:

Space in the review meant a bunch of bands seen couldn't be mentioned, so here’s a few more in random order.

REBEKKAMARIA (Denmark): She used to go out as As In RebekkaMaria. Reflective electro pop, melodic and a bit glitchy. Works well live, but a bit reserved. Charming. Tunes sound great live. Slightly Icelandic. No reason at all why she shouldn’t go over anywhere.

EFTERKLANG (Denmark): Big Magic Chairs show in the main concert hall. They are at a peak.

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE (Denmark): Dance electronica crossed with harmony-influenced indie. Hugely enthusiastic, samey though and didn’t win me over.

THEE ATTACKS (Denmark): Saw them at SPOT 2009. Heavy mod attack, with leanings towards 1965 Who, but no covers and clichés. Powerful and convincing live. Tougher in 2010 than 2009.

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): Rock take on Nick Cave. No fun at all.

UNDERWATER SLEEPING SOCIETY (Finland): Pointless sub/post-Coldplay. Singer does Thom Yorke neck movements.

MARIE-LOUISE MUNCK (Denmark): Piano-centred singer songwriter. Some of it was exceptional, touching even. But overall the songs were a bit timid. Might want a collaborator?


  1. as for Marie-louise munck and collaborating:
    check out "antenne" of which she's been the
    singing part for some time -

    all the best, - kim/antenne

  2. Thank you, I will - obviously I need to know about this.