Tuesday, 15 February 2011


With the Reggae Britannia things going on right now it seems a good moment to revisit these.

The reggae on film piece (Shot!) was from Q. The Harder They Come wasn’t in it, as that was covered elsewhere. The coverage of Babylon is from the Guardian.

Click on each image and it should get big enough to read.

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  1. Hi Kieron-

    This is Aug from H Bird. I couldn't find any other way to contact you but just wanted to say thanks very much for the nice review in MOJO. Looking forward to checking out this blog. Love that SNB comp you did and have always been a huge Mary Chain and The Damned fan, those reissues are great.

    I'm working on a new project, collaborating with various singers if you fancy checking it out. All the songs are free if you type 0 in the price bar - http://corporaterecords.co.uk/artists/Eiscafe/ . "Apricot Lipstick" is me and Kate, so it's basically H Bird.

    Thanks again.

    Aug Stone